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Meet Our E-Board!

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Emme Pitts
Class of 2025


Major: International Affairs, Concentration in Security Policy
Hometown: Andover, MA
Fun Fact: Emme has a labradoodle named Max!
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Annabelle Richert
Class of 2025

Vice President

Major: International Affairs, with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: Annabelle knows how to say hello in over a dozen languages!
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Thea Porter
Class of 2025

Director of Marketing

Major: International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies with a Concentration in Security Policy
Hometown: Brattleboro, VT

Fun Fact: Thea has an identical twin!
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Sophie Gebhardt
Class of 2026

Freshman Representative

Major: International Affairs and Political Science
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Fun Fact: Sophie's favorite place she's traveled to is Costa Rica!
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